Little think in English program of TCM English center combined with the international English programs published by  OFFORD, MACMILAN ... The program aims to develop the thinking of children in the 21st century - building the foundation for children to think in English in future.
Objectives of the program:
- To help children pronounce English well: there are lesson of acoustics and  pronunciation of letters ...;
- To get use to familiar topics in everyday life;
- To develop mathematic ability with lessons of arithmetics, geometry, comparison, values, time ...
- To rise up children's humanity: every topic will have a moral lesson about behavior;
- To flare up children's creativity: Children will carry out projects and present their projects in English to their parents.
- To collaborate with parents learning and practicing English with children.
Children have English lessons weekly
Duration: 20 lessons / month (5 times / week from Monday to Friday), each lesson is from 16h45 to 17h15, including:
+  3 main lessons (2 lesson with Vietnamese teacher and 1 with foreign teacher).
+ 2 extra lessons (with teacher of kindergarten or tutor from TCM center) with the purpose of practicing and reviewing English lessons from real English experiences of the main classes.